No – it is NOT a chore!  Volunteers are not a necessary evil.  Yes, they save a ton of money and make it possible to organize events and disasters when otherwise it would be impossible.  Happy, excited volunteers also enhance your events and draw more participants and crowds.  Volunteers on social media – that’s powerful. 

They signup because they want to help other people, make new friends, have fun AND choose their own shifts and roles.  Volunteers want to manage themselves and feel good after fulfilling their commitments. So why not, take a little time to set up the opportunity for volunteers to communicate online before and after the event.  Run raffles or contests asking their social networks to vote for their Instagram posts – provide sponsor prizes, this gives more exposure to your sponsors and creates activity on a winner’s page. Volunteer demographics are very desirable to some sponsor organizations. 

So let’s get the conversation going. Ideas are invited. Why not?

Jeani Burns