In one tearful, awe-inspiring video, Australians waiting at the Sydney International Airport greeted U.S. firefighters with resounding applause. Stationed to help out the ongoing bushfires that ravaged the country, the people couldn’t stop clapping as they entered the terminal. If you want to see the video yourself, the link will be attached below. But, while this is another story about the Australian fires that you might be tired of hearing, you might want to stay for our take of the situation.

The situation is terrible: forests are burning down, animals are dying in drastic numbers, and homes are being engulfed in flames. By one estimate, over 1 billion animals have died in the fires. Rising over 200 ft, no animal or tree is high or safe enough to escape its reach.

However, more than 100 American firefighters recently arrived in Australia to help take out the fires and preserve the remaining wildlife. It’s this work and bravery that we commend, demonstrating global unity in the face of a terrible event. Their story is what’s most important: how after battling the Californian fires, their tactics that stopped our fires weren’t enough to put out the Australian bush fires.

That’s the main goal of this article: to highlight all the work the firefighters have done to help stop the fire and prevent more wildlife or civilian loss. That’s why it’s vitally important to donate. If you are looking for great organizations, donate to the County Fire Services in Syndey and South Australia or the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, great non-profit governmental organizations that will make sure your money does not go to waste. Go out and help out for Australia, the planet, and protect our only home.