“…. best the World has seen….”


As the organizers of the 2015 UCI Road World Cycling Championships, it is imperative that we have a world class volunteer management system that will provide the features and capabilities needed to support the thousands of volunteers who will help to make our event the best the World has ever seen. VoMaSmart’s ability to customize the volunteer management system to fit our needs and to meet the requirements of this international event is invaluable.

Monica Callahan

Community Engagement Director, Richmond 2015

”….took care of our needs faster and more personally…”


Our volunteer structure was unique to VoMa so they had to make many major accommodations to fit our needs. The VoMa staff and management responded to innumerable requests within the hour. In total, they took care of our needs faster and more personally than any other business entity I’ve ever encountered. I never felt like a client with VoMa, I felt like a first-class friend. I highly recommend them to anyone who must manage a significant number of volunteers.

Alton M Bryant Jr.

Volunteer Coordinator/Venue Manager, Washington West Film Festival

”…saved between $11,000 and $12,000…”


Wine in the Woods, one of the largest wine festivals on the east coast, attracts between 20,000 to 30,000 visitors annually. I saved 270 hours this year. The monetary value to HCRP was between $11,000 and $12,000.   The value doubles when you consider the other projects Ann Combs and her assistant were able to complete during that same period. Volunteers were surveyed after the event and all volunteers liked the program.

Ann Combs

Manager of Volunteers & Special Projects, Howard County Recreation & Parks

”…they care as much as we do about our volunteers…”


I think this piece is missed all too often on large scale events – a strong volunteer system is imperative to the overall success of the event. Without our volunteers many events would not be the great success they are!

VoMaSmart has provided a complete and comprehensive volunteer system that allows for easy sign up, simple volunteer tracking, reporting and communications.

Can’t thank the VoMaSmart team for the countless hours and customer support – they care as much as we do about our volunteers!

Chris Reed

Technical Director, Medalist Sports

”…I challenge you…to give the VoMaSmart Team…”

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Terry Hasseltine, CSEE

Executive Director, Maryland Sports, VP Maryland Sports Authority, Medalist Sports

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