If anyone has seen “Life in the Doghouse” on Netflix, then you may know who we’re talking about this week. Famous for their compassion and empathy towards dogs, Danny and Ron’s Rescue is one of the best pet rescue organizations out there to date. Don’t believe me? Let me change your mind then. 

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, then partners Ron Danta and Danny Robertshaw began their rescue efforts after learning that thousands of dogs had been displaced from their homes. Since then, their non-profit organization has expanded its rescue efforts to save a countless number of dogs from fighting pits, puppy mills, and euthanasia, providing each aminal with the love and care that they deserve.

While many other shelters already provide similar types of services to homeless and abused dogs, their rescue’s unorthodox method may revolutionize the way society treats unadopted animals. Regarded as animal heaven, each rescue is brought to their house to create a more personable, humane environment. There, the dogs will receive a checkup by a veterinarian, who will neuter, vaccinate, deworm, and groom each individual. This approach creates a “real home environment” that will prepare each dog “for adoption and a life with another family.” Charging no pre-set adoption fee, their commission entirely comes from affordable donations from the adopter. 

If you believe in their business model, then go check them out at dannyronsrescue.org and learn more about what they do. In the meantime, go check out our other stories about some awesome volunteer heroes in the world today.