In 2017, a group called the “Cajun Navy” volunteered their help to aid Texans during Hurricane Harvey and the ongoing flooding. Consisting of Louisianians, one volunteer was estimated to have rescued more than 8,000 people in the Houston area alone! Now, Texans are prepared to give back as Louisiana faces another disaster: Tropical Storm Barry. Originally, the storm was predicted to cause major damage to Louisiana and its surrounding areas. However, it’s power quickly diminished during landfall, relieving many people who were prepared for the worst. 

While the strength of the storm dropped, it does not mean that the storm did not cause damage; many trees and power lines were blown down due to powerful winds. According to PowerOutage.US, the storm at its height left over 150,000 Louisianians without power. Luckily, many volunteers are jumping on the bandwagon to help our fellow Americans. George Ruiz, an Alabama resident who formerly lived in Houston, has stated that his group –  Geaux Rescue – plans to help the victims of the storm. But, he cautions that not all volunteer efforts are wanted: “You know, there are people that just go out there and put a 12 pack of beer on their boat and go run around and cause havoc,” he said. So please, if anyone reading this were to help out, approach local officials first to see if they need any help; if they say no, just move on. In the end, the outcome of Tropical Storm Barry rests upon your hands. Will it be another Hurricane Katrina disaster or will you make the difference and help out?