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Event directors and volunteer coordinators for sports, festivals, non-profits, municipalities or disasters, simplify the frustration of volunteer management

Local tech company,  VoMaSmart LLC, a resident company of the Howard County Innovation Center, recently launched their 2.2 upgrade VoMa Smart program, revolutionizing volunteer management on a whole new level. Their Volunteer Registration/Management program takes the pain out of volunteer management and volunteering, creating a simple and effortless platform for just about anyone to use. The utilization of forums, blogs, and Instagram contests all work together to make volunteers happy to share the event site with all their social networks, increasing signups, showups, and retention.   

Initially, VoMa launched their original program in 2014 for the Wine in the Woods Festival in Columbia, Maryland, saving them thousands of employee-paid hours.  They updated it for the UCI Cycling Worlds in Richmond, registering over 7000 volunteers from around the world who met each other in forums and invited their social networks to vote for their Instagram posts so they could win sponsor prizes.

“Why not have a program that entertains volunteers, makes the job simple for volunteer managers and creates fun for everyone”.  Jeani Burns Founder and CEO. 

Now, their upgrade includes several new ingredients that spice up the program. such as:

  • Online waivers
  • Direct emailing straight from the portal
  • Instant reports from your custom queries
  • Blog posts that create hype for any event 
  • Unlimited events, venues, volunteers, shifts and roles
  • A bird’s eye view of signups compared to your goal

“ With Mindgrub as our marketing & PR partner (,  the equity partnership with DataTech911 (, software engineering along with equity partner, Jerry Shi, digital marketing manager – we are expecting great things! “ states Jeani Burns.

Easy and affordable, go to to request a demo and start today!


Jeani Burns