Volunteers are a vital part of any event whether they are handing out cups of water to runners in a 5K-charity race, or manning the ticket booth for a busy food festival. Volunteers feel the rewards of giving back and also like to get feedback.

Purpose: Volunteers love to feel like they are serving a purpose and making a difference. They prefer to choose their own shifts and roles and feel great when they know what their job entails.

Communication: Volunteers participate because they want to help, meet people,  and make new friends. Providing a way for volunteers to meet online prior to events and after events encourages more show-ups and retention.

Gratitude:  Thanking volunteers makes such a positive impression.  Although they say they are there to give, they really feel appreciated when they are acknowledged.  Most volunteers receive T-shirts, but if you sneak in a surprise, just an additional small gift like a volunteer button or water bottle; it will go a long way to bring them back to your next event.