As the media moves on from story to story, we would like to shed some more light on an event that had recently occurred: our capitol was flooded! On July 8th, 2019, a record-shattering four-inch downpour caused a massive flash flood in under one hour, impacting counties like Montgomery and Fairfax, and of course, Washington D.C. Immediately, the water submerged scores of cars, flooded basements, and caused numerous roads to cave and form sinkholes. Viral videos soon surfaced on Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat that depicted geysers penetrating the Virginian metro system.

Despite all the trouble, a massive thank you must be given to all the emergency responders and volunteers who helped alleviate the situation. According to Virginia’s Fairfax Fire and Rescue Dept., they swiftly responded to 30 water rescue calls by 9:30. Furthermore, many rescue workers aided motorists to escape the flood in D.C. and in other parts of Maryland. Without their quick response to the disaster, who knows how worse the situation might have been. As this gets more prevalent, it is vital to get more prepared and help others in times like this. Nevertheless, we say thank you to all who helped during the natural disaster.