As we help people manage volunteers and grow as a company, we must give a huge shout out to our partner that has helped us grow this far: Mindgrub. Helping us through marketing and PR, their continuous support and effort have allowed us to cultivate and develop a strong foundation as a business, and so, this post is dedicated to them. 

Kicking off as a basement-startup in 2002, they have gained prominence in the tech-industry, specializing in web development, design, marketing, systems integration, and so much more. For example, one of their most innovative products includes an augmented reality app that allows firefighters to immediately receive building layouts. Other projects that they were a part of included designing wearable technology such as the Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Samsung Galaxy Gear. 

Their impressive list of clients includes Fortune 500 companies like Wendy, Exelon, and Under Armour, expanding their services to encompass multi-channel marketing and branding. “With over 100 employees and counting, Mindgrub provides enterprise business solutions to a variety of multinational corporations, government agencies, legal firms, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and fast-growing startups.” We’re extremely excited to partner up with Mindgrub, a dream team that will surely launch us to success.