If you are hosting an event, chances are you need help. Big or small, you may not have to money to hire people to help out. if that’s the case, volunteers are a great way to surely make your event a success.

However, recruiting and organizing volunteers can be very tricky. It may be hard to manage a large group of people, let alone get them to show up on the event day. If they are not properly coordinated. it can cause a major disaster for your event. We know the pain! If you want to make volunteering an asset for your event, then follow our tips to relieve this headache.

Be Clear and Concise: When you are trying to recruit volunteers, clearly explain what you need them to do. What type of roles will they be performing? What type of people do you need? If there is a job that is physically demanding, specify that you need strong people. Moreover, make it clear what you expect the volunteers to do. It’s better to get people who know the expectations than to get anybody from off the streets – any event deserves qualified people to help out.

Incentivize! People do not want to do something if they see no clear benefit. Offer free swag, tickets/passes, or volunteer service hours that students often want. This helps attract volunteers to your event and ensures that they will show up to help. Often, people can’t decide what to give volunteers for helping out. But, think about who you want as your volunteers and offer them an incentive that would appeal to them most. Sometimes, free food and breaks can simply be enough.

Orientation: Have one! There are many benefits to carving out a day before the event to meet your volunteers in person. First, it ensures that volunteers don’t show up on the day of the event confused about what they need to do. Second, it helps to establish what they might wear/bring, where to show up, and when to arrive at the site. And lastly, you can address any concerns from the volunteers before the event to secure any questions the volunteers might have.

If you want to simplify the volunteer process, you can always try out our platform, VoMaSmart, that makes volunteer signups, showups, and retention easy and simple. Managing volunteers is definitely not easy, but it is a phenomenal asset to any event if organized and managed properly.