The word coronavirus has been heard all over the world since the virus emerged in China this January.  We would like to highlight the heroic volunteers in Wuhan, who risked their lives to help halt the spread of COVID-19.  They provided aide transporting medical professionals, delivering medical supplies to hospitals and meals to the overwhelmed medical staff.

Wan Jiuxiong is 27-years-old and lives in the city of Wuhan, where all public transport was put on lockdown in late January, leaving medical professionals without any means of transport to and from the hospitals. Wan and many other citizens came together to coordinate and offer rides to these medical professionals in need of transportation.

Wan and the other volunteers placed themselves and their families at risk, even though they took strong safety precautions. Wan’s parents were both infected by the coronavirus, and it is unsure if he passed the virus on to them, but he continued to serve.

Wan – you are a hero!!!!!