As Americans are increasingly aware of, many healthy food options in America are simply not financially feasible. While a hamburger at a fast-food chain may cost $2, premade salads and lean protein choices are usually $5 and up. This is especially hard for people facing a lifelong medical disease who may need to stick to a healthy diet but oftentimes find themselves financially strapped and unable to follow their doctor’s orders. That’s where Movable Feasts comes in, the organization that has garnered this week’s spotlight story.

Founded in the 1990s, this volunteer group has continuously strived to make wholesome, nutritious meals available to anyone who can’t afford them. Initially serving people afflicted by AIDS/HIV, their organization quickly expanded all across Maryland to help people with anyone with a serious medical condition, like cancer, who can’t afford decent food choices. Every day, staff members and volunteers assemble 2,000 meals, pack them into cars and trucks, and hand-deliver them to each of their clients, free of charge.

What’s more impressive are the arrays of services that they offer besides free meals. This organization offers free nutrition counseling, culinary and life skills training, and transportation to and from medical appointments.

Seriously, go check out their website and sign up to volunteer with this awesome organization. Everything that they do is out of pocket, so any type of donation will also go a long way. As always, check out more spotlight stories celebrating all the cool volunteer efforts around the world.