Partners in arms, through thick and thin, there is one company that we would consider our brother. Helping us with all sorts of technical difficulties, this week’s shoutout deservedly goes out to our newest equity partners: DataTech911.

Throughout their company history, their solutions have made great strides in revolutionizing the effectiveness of pre-hospital care. For example, one of their services, FirstResponse911, automatically transfers calls from 911 centers to nearby fire stations and hospitals, eliminating the need for 911 dispatchers to manually call emergency services for quicker response times. This program also allows instantaneous updates to EMS on the status of the scene and any priority changes, recording every situation for easy auditing and reporting.

Another service they provide, called StatusNet911, combines hospitals, dispatch services, and first responders with real-time data during mass-casualty incidents or any daily traffic accident. Their cloud-based interface allows doctors or EMTs to easily track and update reports/situations. What’s incredibly impressive is the program’s daily use capabilities where it can help patients know where the nearest drug or mental health rehabilitation center is located.

Successful and accomplished, we’re extremely excited that DataTech911 is going to be our equity partners in VoMaSmart. With their help and support, we are confident in VoMa’s success in the future. Definitely, if you want to learn more about them, the link will always be attached below.