There is some crazy stuff out on the internet promising people that if they volunteer, they will receive all the mysteries of life. While that is an exaggeration, some sites have promoted some myths that we would like to address in today’s blog

Volunteering Doesn’t Help You Live Longer! I don’t know where this originated but some people have eagerly encouraged others to volunteer simply because they have heard the health benefits of volunteering. First, volunteering isn’t a cure to any ailment: it’s a voluntary action. Studies such as the “Good For You” study have reported that 75% of U.S. adults feel healthier after volunteering. But, volunteers simply FEEL like they are healthier. The study has even stated that volunteers are significantly more likely to feel they have greater control over their health and well-being, not actually be more healthy afterward. So, while I do encourage everybody to volunteer, being healthier isn’t a legitimate reason to volunteer.

Volunteering Is A Time Commitment! There is no getting around not spending time if you signed up to volunteer. Some organizations have given students credit for volunteering just for signing up their names. However, it defeats the purpose of volunteering if a person does one small, insignificant thing to get the credit for volunteering. Simply, if you’re busy, you’re busy. Volunteering is optional and you have the choice to opt-out. Yet, if you want to participate in something, there are many volunteer activities at so many different organizations with so many time commitments. Find the one that you can do and stick to it; there is no easy way out.

There are options! Many may still believe that volunteering is a job where you have to show up to a place and do the work from there. Many are deterred from volunteering because it requires the use of transportation. That is no longer true!!! In our technology-savvy society, volunteers can work virtually anywhere to do anything from administrative tasks to fundraising. In fact, some organizations prefer to train all of their volunteers online through video conferences. In today’s world, you can volunteer anywhere, from anywhere.

And… that’s it. These are some of the myths I have heard all too much about volunteering. In the end. if you want to volunteer, go for it. Don’t let anybody or any reason stopping you from doing a good thing.