Volunteer Management

product of eSolution Productions

Event Directors

Program Features

Here’s what Volunteer Management does:


Calendar based, user friendly
•Smart phone compatible
•Saves 65% to 95% of volunteer manager’s time
•ROI always over 100% – sometimes 300%
•High responsiviness to customer specific needs
•Customizable volunteer profile capture
•Complete, dynamic, custom reporting on all
•Manage large volume with unlimited shifts/
roles/ venues
•Post and manage daily volunteer assignments
•Volunteers choose shifts/roles, access dynamic
•Forums and contests provide social features –
improving signups, showups and retention
•24/7 friendly, smart online support

2016 upgrade includes: texting, email from
portal, smart portal for admin communication
on event date and athlete/participant registration.
All smartphone/tablet compatible.

For more information, email JBurns@eSPsmart.com or call 443.255.7507.