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Necessity Knows No Season

 Mr. Sustin Bennett

A singer, a veteran, a volunteer, a father, a grandfather. Mr. Sustin Bennett has lived his 81-years to the fullest.  He gave of himself to his community, his country and his family. Recently and for the first time he can recall, he needed to ask for help.

“I’ve been working since I was 14-years old,” he says. He had planned to retire after forty years working at a funeral home. The funeral home closed, he lost his job, and at the same time he had to repair major structural problems with his home of nearly fifty years.  With his savings drained low, he was ill prepared to cope with soring utility bills during the uncharacteristically cold winter of 2013/2014.

Surrounded by the painted cinder block walls of old school building that houses the community center where he now works, Mr. Sustin described the relief he felt when he reached Sam Impink at the Fuel Fund of Maryland.  “The kindness, the promptness, the love, the opportunity… and the help of people in a time of need.”  Sam, he says, is the finest person that ever put two shoes on their feet.  With teary eyes, Mr. Sustin explained that Sam patiently guided him through the process until his power was restored.  He was moved by the encouragement and respect that he received.

While his budget is still tight, he says he lives simply and gets by. He finds happiness in singing at churches of all denominations and volunteering at the community center on his off hours.

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