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Festivals Festivals are fun! Volunteers love festivals! VoMaSmart saved Wine in the Woods Wine Festival over 280 hours and over $10,000 - supporting 450 volunteers.
Sports Events Road Cycling, Mudders, Rock and Roll Marathons, Triathlons - challenging events to manage volunteers. We've proven, VoMaSmart program makes it effortless for Volunteers AND Event Managers.
Concerts Concerts are madness!! Volunteers who choose their own time and positions are happier and well informed - makes for seamless crowd control.
Charity Volunteers Manage SO MUCH for Charities. Making it easy for them to register, choose their own positions and socialize with their social networks brings tremendous value to Volunteers, Event Managers and those who Receive!


Washington West Film Festival
believes that Story can Change the World!


                                   THEIR STORY

Intelligent story not only entertains, but it truly can change the world. A well-told story captures our imagination, makes us laugh, forces us to reflect, and inspires transformation. And so the purpose of the Washington West Film Festival is to celebrate innovative and impassioned film that will both comfort and challenge our audiences who, in turn, can make lasting, tangible differences in our world. At Washington West, we will screen and, in many cases, premiere some of the finest independent films from all around the world in three in-competition categories: dramatic features, documentary features, and short films. As we mature, we will expand our programming to include major Hollywood studio releases, giving established filmmakers the opportunity to unveil their story before a conscientious audience in one of the world’s most influential cities. We want to connect artists – emerging and renowned – with audiences who are eager for a unique cinematic experience, and together, make the world a little bit brighter.          Visit www.wwfilmfest.com for exciting news and stories!





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