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Festivals Festivals are fun! Volunteers love festivals! VoMaSmart saved Wine in the Woods Wine Festival over 280 hours and over $10,000 - supporting 450 volunteers.
Sports Events Road Cycling, Mudders, Rock and Roll Marathons, Triathlons - challenging events to manage volunteers. We've proven, VoMaSmart program makes it effortless for Volunteers AND Event Managers.
Concerts Concerts are madness!! Volunteers who choose their own time and positions are happier and well informed - makes for seamless crowd control.
Charity Volunteers Manage SO MUCH for Charities. Making it easy for them to register, choose their own positions and socialize with their social networks brings tremendous value to Volunteers, Event Managers and those who Receive!


We’re launching an Indiegogo Crowdfunder
to develop a disaster
Volunteer Program mobile app.
Campaign Launch April 27
12pm eastern daylight time.

Click Here for Pre-launch page

Click Here for Preview of Campaign before launch

Launch Party April 27, 5pm – 8pm
Live Jazz, food, beer, wine, beverages, ping pong and more!



Next time there’s an emergency/disaster, YOU can make a difference. By being a proud donor, you can help us upgrade a program that can help organizations reach out instantly to each of their volunteers electronically using geo locator services and move them instantly using drag and drop features. Disaster volunteer needs are extremely fluid. Our program can support immediate changes to a disaster’s environment.



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